Symtoms of Depression

January 12, 2010

So there’s this guy. Let’s call him Mr A.

Mr. A works for a non-profit organisation. Mr. A is the CEO.

Turns out, Mr. A is a bit of an asshole. He swears at people, he shouts at people, he’s over-controlling, he doesn’t listen to anyone and shows little sign of empathy. He causes anxiety in his staff. He creates bad relationships with suppliers and then he blames them. He’s causes people in the charity and people outside the charity to get upset, to feel bad and to  say things like ‘this isn’t worth it’.

In short, he’s a bully.

But the most striking thing about Mr. A is that the organisation he runs  is a support network for people with depression. It’s like he’s trying to drum up more business.

How bizarre.

How infuriating.

How sad.


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